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Welcome to General Rental Center!

General RentalWelcome to General Rental Center! With locations in Milton and Crestview, we are your local resource for quality rental equipment. We offer a broad range of items, from tractors and trailers to loaders and lifts. We even offer tables and chairs.

We want to make your next project easier by providing the right tool for your job at a fair price. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY’er we can assist you with finding the right tool to make your project go faster and easier. We have over 50 years of combined rental know-how to assist you.

Here at General Rental Center, we understand that tool and equipment rental is a service-oriented business. We strive to give prompt, quality service at both affordable and competitive rates.

Rental Equipment

We provide quality rental equipment and offer a broad range of rental items, from hand tools to backhoes to tables and chairs.

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New Equipment Sales

Looking to purchase a new commercial grade mower or other high quality equipment? Check out the great new equipment we have for sale.

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Used Equipment Sales

Used equipment for sale will be listed here.

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General Rental of Milton began as a franchisee of nation-wide General Rental Center in 1979. Charles Wiscaver opened the business after more than 20 years in the automotive/marine upholstery business. Within 5 years we outgrew the location seen here and...

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Diamond Saw Blade

What is a Diamond Saw Blade? Perhaps you have heard of a diamond saw blade, but do you really know what it is? In addition, have you ever wondered where all the diamonds come from or how exactly you can get a diamond to cut anything? The answers to these questions may not be common, but they are fairly simple. By understanding the diamond saw blade better, you add to your working knowledge of tools and can make the decision as to whether or not you need one. For one thing, it is important to understand that diamond blades do...

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Easy Landscaping and Curb Appeal for Florida Homes

The idea that an appealing outside is your best offense for intriguing potential buyers is based on the simple concept that first impressions really count. The great thing about learning some key elements of landscaping is that you can apply them to a home that you are just settling into, as well as one you are about to sell.  For those who are selling or buying real estate in Tampa Bay Florida, some extra curb appeal advice will go a long way. Florida is popular for nature-lovers. Instead of trying to keep up with garden hobbyists, present a clean, green...

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Sealing Concrete to Prevent Damage and to Make it Smooth


One of the biggest problems faced by any piece of concrete is the effect water will have on it. The most obvious sign is staining. This can result in algae or black spots, and can lead finally to cracks. So the only way of combating this, is by sealing concrete. If a concrete surface is not treated, and is subject to weathering, it can break up and results in what is know as spalling. This is where the aggregates in the concrete come through and begin breaking back down. The effect of water on concrete The effect of water on...

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The Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Whether you plan on "borrowing ideas" or plan on creating your own landscaping design, you should have at the very least a basic understanding of the principles of landscape design. This doesn't mean that you have to apply every principle to every part of your plan. But just having an understanding of these principles will help you generate ideas and increase your creativity. Great landscaping lies in the eyes of the its creator. So, while the principles of landscape design are great guidelines to follow, don't feel like they're the "have to rules" of landscaping. Abstract and creativity are allowed....

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Mower Maintenance for a Perfect Lawn

Growing and maintaining a lush green lawn takes care and the right equipment. The right lawn mover for your landscape and proper maintenance of your equipment will ensure a nice even lawn. A good lawn mower should cut the grass and not tear or rip it out. The first thing to consider when purchasing a lawn mover is your landscape. Is your lawn on a slope or flat ground? What type of mower can get the job done with the least amount of effort? Another factor is how easy the mower is to maintain for peak performance. If you have...

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Read This If You Want To Make The Most Out Of Your Landscape

Having appealing landscaping is vital if you are looking to improve the appearance of your home. Honestly, if you want to learn the best ways of landscaping your yard, then know that time and effort are required to accomplish this. You need to learn more about which strategies and methods are most effective. This article offers several easy ways that everyday people can transform their lawns and gardens. Purchase a drip irrigation system for use in your yard. These types of watering systems are simple to install and help you to provide your garden with the correct amount of water....

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8 Driveway Maintenance Tips

When it comes to maintaining your driveway, there are some simple tips and ideas to make your job easier. Driveway maintenance does not have to be a daunting job. Routine maintenance and repair helps to ensure that your driveway is an extension of your home and is a welcome sight for family and friends. Taking care of your driveway is an essential part of a homeowner’s responsibility. Do-it-yourselfers can save themselves lots of money when it comes to driveway maintenance. The following eight (8) driveway maintenance tips will help you keep your driveway in good repair and make it a...

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Land Clearing on a Budget

land cleaning on a budget

              If you want land cleaning equipment and services and have called around, you're probably starting to realize that this is no cheap undertaking, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring. Luckily, there is a budget option for everyone! Here at General Rental we offer many different pieces of equipment to help you get the job done at the price that works for you. Below are 2 budget categories to clear as much, or as little, land as you need The "I just want to see my fence" budget Walk-Behind Brush-Cutter- $85/day This...

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Now Carrying Makita Power Equipment!

Trimmer, String

We now offer not only Shindaiwa, but also Makita power equipment! We are happy to provide the powerful MM4 4-stroke engines that come standard on Makita's entire line of powered equipment. Come in today to see our full line-up! Engine seizure due to improper fuel and oil mixing is one of the most common failures of 2-stroke power equipment. Makita has a solution with efficient MM4® 4-stroke engine power equipment. The Makita MM4® 4-stroke advantage means no more fuel mixing for simplified operation and no need for a separate mixed oil-fuel can. In addition, Makita MM4® 4-stroke engines are engineered...

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