Land Clearing on a Budget

land cleaning on a budget








If you want land cleaning equipment and services and have called around, you’re probably starting to realize that this is no cheap undertaking, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring. Luckily, there is a budget option for everyone! Here at General Rental we offer many different pieces of equipment to help you get the job done at the price that works for you. Below are 2 budget categories to clear as much, or as little, land as you need

The “I just want to see my fence” budget

Walk-Behind Brush-Cutter- $85/day

billy goat 279x300 - Land Clearing on a Budget

This will give you the ability to cut down any small brush smaller than 1″ in diameter. If you have brush slightly larger then you’ll want to pair the walk-behind brush-cutter with a hand-held brush-cutter-$40/day.

jonsered trimmer 300x160 - Land Clearing on a Budget

Between these two items you can clear most any property lines and small acreage areas. Although it will take some more time, it will clear the land enough to be utilized.

The “Wander if I can clear that back plot?” budget

If you’re doing more than an acre, you’re going to want to put some oomph behind your land clearing endeavors. For that, you’ll want an excavator. We offer an 8,000 Lb. mini excavator with a thumb- $250/day. This is great for taking down any stumps, trees, bushes, etc. By digging out the roots and pushing the tree over, you can clear any size of land over time.

Depending on your specific land clearing situation, you may also require a chain saw to cut up a tree(starting at)-$55/day, a stump grinder- $175/day, or a chipper- $165/day. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at any time with questions on your best course of action, whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we are happy to help you get the job done!